Dachshund Racing

Dachshund Racing is an increasingly popular sport, particularly in the USA. Dachshund or ‘Wiener Dog Racing’ as it is known in North America, may be somewhat controversial, but its popularity cannot be denied.

Dachshund Racing is believed to have begun in Australia during the 1970s, and was taken up in America following a popular television advertisement in 1993 which jokingly listed a number of unusual potential sports, amongst which was Wiener Dog Racing. Thus was born the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals, which takes place in San Diego, California, each December, where competitors compete for the United States National Dachshund Racing Championships.

Dachshund Racing now takes place at race tracks in many American cities from Phoenix in Arizona to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. At 25 or 50 yard distances, many of these events are used as promotional or fundraising events and attract enormous crowds.

The sport of Dachshund Racing has since been immortalized in an award-winning 2007 ‘Dogumentary’ film, Wiener Takes All, which follows five competitors over the 2003 to 2005 seasons.

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