Dachshund Popularity

Despite its slightly comic size and shape (or perhaps because of it), the Dachshund is a perennial favourite with dog lovers the world over. One of the most popular breeds of dog in the UK, it is even more popular in the USA where it currently ranks 7th in the American Kennel Club’s list of breed registrations for 2008.

Dachshunds are also extremely popular in countries as far and wide as Japan in the Far East, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in Eastern Europe and, nearer to home, Switzerland and France. And of course, the Dachshund is ever popular in its native Germany where it was the official mascot for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

But the Dachshund has also proven itself a firm favourite in popular culture, featuring in numerous films including Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Lady and the Tramp, and numerous television series including iCarly, The Norm Show, That ’70s Show and Emergency!

Famous Dachshund owners include (and have included) Mike Graziola from Punk band Gennero, Japanese singer Namie Amuro, Dutch writer Harry Mulisch, artists Andy Warhol, David Hockey and Pablo Picasso, and legendary American newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst.

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