Day to Day

The day to day requirements of a Dachshund are relatively low. Mainly, a little food, a little water, plenty of exercise and lots of love!

Dachshunds love their food, but an obese Dachshund is likely to be susceptible to back problems. As a result of their long backs, Dachshunds are more┬áprone to disc problems than most dogs. So give your Dachshund only the food manufacturer’s daily recommended amount and no more.

A daily brush with a wire brush will benefit your Long-Haired Dachshund. For more information on Dachshund grooming, see our recommended grooming information here: Dachshund Grooming.

For details on Dachshund exercise requirements, read our more detailed information here: Dachshund Exercise.

For further help with the day to day requirements and daily care of your Dachshund, we can highly recommend: The Everything Dachshund Book: A Complete Guide to Raising, Training and Caring for Your Dachshund by Joan Hustace Walker.