While opinions may differ as to the true origins of the Dachshund, the generally accepted view is that theĀ breed was created in Germany during the early part of the 17th century by bringing together German, French and English hounds and terriers.

Bred to hunt down badgers, the original Dachshund (Dachs=Badger, Hund=Hound) was considerably larger than the modern breed we know today. In its original incarnation, hunting in packs, it was even capable of taking on wild boar and wolverine!

Today’s shorter Dachshund is believed to be the later result of introducingĀ other elements into the breed. This allowed the Dachshund to actually go under ground to flush out its prey. Even smaller Dachshunds (miniatures) were later introduced to allow them to burrow for rabbits, hare and stoats.